I have returned!

My last post (nearly two months ago) should have clued everyone in as to why I haven’t updated.  Things have improved and I feel energized after my school’s spring break.  The bitter cold and snow of this year’s unusually severe winter has finally subsided to the warmth of spring.

To fill you in, I had submitted a piece to the literary publication called Glimmer Train.  Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything yet.  I don’t feel that my submitted work was anywhere near my best, but I wanted to submit something.  Perhaps I’ll fine tune it and try submitting to a different publication.  What they don’t tell you about professionally writing is that you could go months before getting an offer for your work or, more likely, a rejection letter.  What to do for money in the meantime?


I’m going to try out a website called odesk.  It contains listings for small jobs as simple as creating a Powerpoint presentation for a company to large projects like ghostwriting a novel.  It’s something to do until I can improve my creative writing and, hopefully, starting my novel.


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